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United States
: name | Kat[herine]

: birthday | 19th of November, 1990

: sun sign | Scorpio

: gender | fe·male . an organism of the sex or sexual phase that normally produces egg cells.

: sexuality | Pansexual

: call me | Loki, Toasty, Kat

: height |( 1205.5 58 ) /19 = My height in Inches.

: pets | A cat, two kittens, a dog, Asher, the family of birds who live outside my window and various friends who wander in from time to time.

: loves | Girls, Boys, family, friends, Fred, George, Drawing, writing, freaking people out, Halloween, comics, books, silence, rain, clouds, animals, closing my eyes, sleep, food, words, magic, colors, massage, water, cold, Laptops, painting, TF2 ... And Uh ... Uh ... I will add?

: dislikes | screaming, brain freezes, crying, being sick, Internet fading, frustration, gas, shaking, headaches, going to therapy, not being open around people, dishonesty, bigots, people who bash based on assumptions, hmm... More later...

Current Residence: Land of Sun and Surf... Locked away from the surf.

deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large

Print preference: None

Favourite genre of music: Chants/Ska/Parody

Favourite style of art: CG/Sketches

Operating System: Windows 7

MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch

Shell of choice: N/A

Wallpaper of choice: Galaxy-themed photomanips

Favourite cartoon character: Wile E. Cayote

Personal Quote: The ocean is how the world Snores.
  • Listening to: Drainbramage
  • Reading: In My Hands
  • Watching: Nothin'
  • Playing: Nothin'
  • Eating: Nothin'
  • Drinking: Tea
Because one of my favorite people to stalk watch on DA has become trapped in a short-playlist-cycle of doom, I've come to realize that there's probably more than just my dear :iconendling: suffering this travesty.
So I've come to the conclusion that I need to punch you all in the face guide you gently into the loving open spaces of advanced music.
And so, I will take from my collection of damn near 10 day's worth of music and, through description, links, and love, guide you to my world.
To begin:

Favorite song of all time:…
Keep Breathing as sung by Ingrid Michaelson
A gentle melody with the traditionally lovely combination of aucustic guitar and grand piano, Michaelson's voice offers a smooth flow with lyrics about remaining, in a world you want to change. The song, as I take it, is about trying to accept that- while you may want to change the world- sometimes "all you can do is keep breathing."

Most played song of all time:…
Little Shadow as sung by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
This song speaks to my obsessive love of string instruments and the piano. Plain and simple, the YeahYeahYeahs manage to take a simple combination of lyrics and, through the welcoming use of strings as their background, allow the listener to understand the emotions in the lyrics without overwhelming. This song, much like Keep Breathing speaks to my incessant need to bring my mood up through the use of music. I'll leave it up to you to decide what this song really means, but be warned: tread into the territory of the YeahYeahYeahs and you might actually love it.

Favorite classical song of all time:…
Suite for solo cello No. 1 (prelude) as performed in the style of Bach
Plain and simple, this is just me feeding my need for string instruments; the fact that it's range of tempos and tones via one instrument allows for my creative juices to simmer almost at a boil on constant is merely a bonus.

Favorite psudo-country song of all time:…
Tomorrow still comes as performed by Will Dailey
As you've seen, I have an affinity for songs that speak to being yourself in a world that is trying to change you or that you are trying to change... This one, in fact, is about my acceptance that I am not quite "normal" but that despite it, Tomorrow's still coming. The alternative-country styling of the band allows for a foot-tapping good rhythm while still letting me focus on the lyrics and meaning.

Favorite Irish tune of all time:…
Laura as performed, live, by Flogging Molly
Though it's not said in the lyrics, only in the live introduction, it's a song dedicated to "a girl who's unfortunately no longer with us" but what caught me first was the lyric "this pain in my head escaped from my heart". This was actually my first of many songs with an upbeat tone that's rendered in memory of a deceased person; giving hope to the death of someone loved. It's remnant from a time in my life when I lost someone dear to me to gang violence. I love that Flogging Molly took the loss of someone they knew, and morphed it into a hopeful tune that- while still managing to act as a loving farewell- uplifts the spirit. "Bye bye, Laura."

Favorite Aucustic song of all time:…
For the windows in paradise, for the fatherless In Ypsilanti as performed by Sufjan Stevens
Probably one of the few repeat singers on this list; This song was originally brought to my attention by a dear friend, who is now unfortunately not with us. In his words: "it's kind of a song about what life is really like, told through the little details that we all know but we overlook ... it's kind of an offer for constant love, even while it's a memory of what can't be anymore."

Honorable mention for Aucustic:…
To be alone with you as performed by Sufjan Stevens
One of the very few religion-based songs in my library, I don't like to think of it as such. Almost despite the near-annoying repetition in the beat, the lyrics are a cool flow of undertones and murmurs that show a coherent story-- very good for large art pieces, or in my case, writing fanfiction.

Favorite ballad of all time:…
This is how it goes as performed by Aimee Mann
Plain and simple, the flow of this song is pretty awesome for me. The lyrics offer a kind of gentle intrusion to a pretty awesome flow. For me, this song is about accepting the flow of life, while simultaneously inserting that- while you will support someone's choices- you wish you could stop them.

Favorite jazz ballad of all time:…
Byebye Blackbird as performed by Peggy Lee
I first heard this song in the movie "The History Boys"- which I highly recommend- and it's simple emotion through the use of easy flowing jazz lyrics just captures me.

Favorite rock ballad of all time:…
Good old fashioned lover boy as performed by Queen
What can I say? I've loved Queen since my inception, but this song speaks to a fandom, my life, and an ease with the world that I can't describe. Plain and simple, it's an awesome song to jam out to when you need a break.

Favorite WWII era song:…
Heaven have a mercy as performed by Edith Piaf
A very apt description of the emotions involved in the war, Piaf manages to entrap the listener in her own emotions and memories with the most simple lyrics I've ever heard. Even as the song swivels wildly from memories about "the dance when we first fell in love" to a darker "we would walk by the shore, watch the ships sail away..." The song's connotation is that a woman has lost her lover in the war; a story that was, tragically much too common and remains so.

Honorable mention for WWII era song:…
Wish me luck (as you wave me goodbye) as performed by Gracie Fields
While not one of my "most played" songs, it's a pretty fucking awesome show from the other side of the war. Fields' performance manages to capture the hope of the time (that the war was not going to last longer) while the big-band feel of it speaks of the major propaganda used in the time.

Favorite alternative rock song of all time:…
Don't stop as performed by Innerpartysystem
While some people might find it annoying as all fuck, I love this song. "This selfish blood runs through my viens ... I feed the rich and fuck the poor" the lyrics call to my nature, showing an honest look at humans for what we are- lying, cheating, and self-serving. Listening to this song, ironically enough, lets me work pretty frequently on gift art.

Favorite alt. punk song of all time:…
Love me dead as performed by Ludo
A great song to just jam out to; I've played this close to two hundred times, and every time I can't help but throw my hands up and jam out to it. It's a great song to listen to if you really just need a fun jam-out session with some pretty hilarious lyrics. It's actually a pretty accurate description of how many relationships go.

Favorite big band song of all time:… (link not by mentioned band.)
Puttin on the ritz as performed by Harvard Din & Tonics
What can I say? I'm a complete sucker for the big band classics, and this song is just awesome to jam to while working on anything from art to homework to writing.

Favorite alt. hiphop song of all time:…
American boy as performed by Estele ft. Kanye West
I don't know how this song came to be on my itunes, but I guarantee I don't mind. While it's VERY far from my usual fare, the lyrics and beat of this song manage to draw me into a full body dance every single time (as I type this, I'm jamming, as a matter of fact). I can't claim to understand why the hell it's so addictive, I can just claim that I listen to it on repeat a lot.

Favorite jazz song of all time:…
Just one of those things as performed by Blossom Dearie
I love this song. Plain and simple- there's a "Brazillian girls remix" of it that I'm kind of partial to, as well, but listening to this song every time I just get this snazzy picture in my head of a 20's woman meeting her fling in a bar and turning him away because, let's face it, "it was just one of those crazy flings."

And now for a list of recommended listening:
1.The world spins madly on as performed by The Weepies…
2.Swing life away as performed by Rise Against…
3.Fairytale gone bad as performed by Sunrise Avenue…
4.Crosses as performed by Jose Gonzales…
5.It's beginning to get to me as performed by Snow Patrol…
6.Above you, below me as performed by Badly Drawn Boy…
7.Drunk Daddy as performed by Cherry Poppin' Daddies…
8.All of my days as performed by Alexi Murdoch…
9.Die Moorsoldaten as performed by Hannes Wader…
10.Bad Habits as performed by Michael Tolcher…

Recommended artists:
1.Ruth Brown
2.Rise Against
3.A Fine Frenzy
4.Jay Brannan
5.Frou Frou
7.Gin Blossoms
9.The Avett Brothers

Here's hoping you've all enjoyed your PSA of music!

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